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>2800 Total Time

>1000 SF340

>1500 Command

>1800 IFR

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20 FEB 2023


  • Get airborne at YMMB by 2015

  • Reach CPL/ATPL subjects (SUBJS) by 2017

  • Continue to Commercial Licence (COMCL) in 2017

  • At 2018 turn to Instructing Job (INSTR)

  • Prior to the completion of 2019 pass Multi-Engine Instrument Rating (MEAIR)

  • Continue to 2021 to complete SAAB Type-Rating SF340


Passing 2018, contact Wagga Wagga CTAF on 126.95

Moorabbin Flying Services

Feb 2018 - Jun 2018

After I had completed my Instructor Rating I was offered the opportunity to have a one month work experience at MFS. Following this, I continued in a casual position, primarily focusing on students I had initially flown with, and trained them in the stages prior to their first solo. In addition, I assisted with administrative tasks including updating company briefing slides and grouping of aircraft fees.

I moved to AAPA to progress my career with the offer of a full-time position.

Australian Airline Pilot Academy

Jun 2018 - Dec 2021

After joining AAPA in the middle of 2018, I spent 3 years performing a variety of roles whilst living in Wagga Wagga, NSW.
Initially, I provided in-depth with the transition and implementation of their Part 141/142 Certificate. This included the creation and editing of lesson records and plans, as well as being the instructor liaison during the development of the company's iPad application with the IT department.
After several months conducting ab-initio lessons I moved on to teaching VFR navigation lessons and completed my Grade 2 Instructor Endorsement.
After obtaining my Instrument Rating towards the end of 2019, I completed my Instrument Rating Training Approval in November 2019. I then commenced teaching single engine IFR lessons in the simulator and aircraft, as well as supervising students undertaking IFR ICUS programs.
In February 2020, I undertook my Multi-Engine Training Approval at AAPA which allowed me to teach all lessons from Effects of Controls right through to MECIR and CPL Pre-Licences.
The Australian Airline Pilot Academy conducts flight training for both Regional Express and several Vietnamese airlines based out of Wagga Wagga CTAF. The training provided is driven by Policy & Procedure with the implementation of an FCOM. AAPA has a culture of strong adherence to safety.

The AAPA fleet consists of Piper Warriors & Seminoles, all fitted with Avidyne Glass Instruments.

Regional Express

Dec 2021 - Present

In December of 2021, I was offered the role of a First Officer with Rex on the SAAB 340. During my time with Rex, I have completed and attained a SF340 Type Rating and successfully completed the MCC course. I have finished my line training and have in excess of 1100 hours on type, conducing flights into ports throughout the NSW, VIC, SA & QLD networks. In March 2024, I transferred to Cairns to begin my Command Upgrade Training.

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